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Welcome to the Santa Rosa County Property Appraiser's Website!

The Santa Rosa County Property Appraiser's Office continues to seek new ways to serve you. We have prepared this website to give you an overview of our many functions and how this office and the various taxing authorities interact with the property owner. It is our pleasure to provide these helpful facts on the valuation and tax process as well as to explain various benefits available through tax exemptions in the State of Florida. Please feel free to contact us our office with your comments and/or questions.

The data on this website represents assessed values that were certified to the Florida Department of Revenue on October 26, 2018, following the completion of the Value Adjustment Board process. "Certified Assessed Values" are transmitted to the Tax Collector's Office in order for tax bills to be generated and mailed to taxpayers. The Tax Collector's Office is responsible for tax billing and collection. No warranties, express or implied, are provided for any of the assessment data herein, either or certified, or for its use of its interpretation.

Notice of Certification of Tax Rolls

Pursuant to section 193.122, Florida Statutes (2018), notice is hereby given to all taxpayers and owners of both real and personal property that the 2018 Santa Rosa County Tax Rolls have been certified for collection to the Tax Collector. The Certification for all properties to the Tax Collector was completed on October 23rd, 2018. The Final Certification to the Florida Department of Revenue was completed on October 26th, 2018. All assessments are subject to the terms of F.S. 194.171(2) based on the certification, petitions submitted to the Value Adjustment Board.

Public Records Requests of the Santa Rosa County Property Appraiser

Records regarding Real Property and Tangible Personal Property assessments are maintained at the Santa Rosa County Property Appraisers Office and are available to the public upon request. Please note records such as Deeds, Surveys, Titles, etc., are not maintained by this office. The public records custodian is Mr. Sandell.
Public Records requests may be directed to the custodian at the following:
Address: 6495 Caroline Street, Suite K, Milton Florida 32570
Phone: (850) 983-1880